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E Vernor Greenhouse

Offering a solution for local grocery, restaurants, chefs, and residents to have access to fresh locally grown produce year-round.

Becoming Part of the Solution.

In July 2021, we were fortunate enough to be one of two grant winners nationwide to receive a 42-foot geodesic greenhouse grow dome from Growing Spaces based out of Colorado; this type of grow dome is the first of its size and kind built in the Detroit area. With the help of the Growing Spaces' team and support from our local volunteers, we were able to complete the build of the greenhouse dome in a combination of two weeks. This greenhouse is located on E Vernor Hwy. between Chene and Mt. Elliott and is 2 minutes away from Eastern Market!

Why is this greenhouse dome important to our organization? This greenhouse allows us to extend our growing season to a year-round operation; due to weather, we were limited to a growing season of April - October but with the implementation of this greenhouse, we will be able to increase our produce capacity and aid with providing fresh organic produce to local businesses and residents all year around. 


What are we looking to accomplish with building this greenhouse? Ultimately, we are looking to be a local primary source of produce in the Detroit area. We want to be a resource for local grocery stores, restaurants, chefs, and residents to have access to freshly grown produce; we aim to grow, process, and package our produce on site to be distributed locally. Now that we've completed building the greenhouse, we are now shifting our focus to begin construction on our on-site hybrid market which will aid in supporting distribution for the produce grown in the greenhouse. 

How can you help? All that we do here at Peace Tree Parks is 100% for the community and none of what we do is possible without the contributions from the community. If you're interested in contributing toward this project to help increase the access that the Detroit community has to fresh organic produce, we welcome all monetary and in-kind donations (such as supplies and professional services). We are always looking for volunteers to help assist with various tasks and always ready to partner with anyone locally that specializes in trade skills such as contractors, builders, welders, carpenters, etc. 


For more information, contact us and/or follow us on social media to say up to date with the project!


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